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Fiduciaries of retirement plans subject to ERISA are required to comply with certain standards when making decisions that affect the plan. Those principles must be applied when fulfilling fiduciary obligations. Fiduciaries are legally liable for their acts and omissions and can also be held responsible for the acts and omissions of other fiduciaries. However, following a few simple procedures can substantially limit a  fiduciarys liability.  That’s why we’ve created the Fiduciary Responsibility Guide for Retirement Plan Sponsors.

After reading the eBook, you'll understand the process of how  to:

  • Identify who are fiduciaries for your plan, and who are not.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities for fiduciaries and other interested parties.
  • Understand the ERISA principles that plan fiduciaries are expected to follow.
  • Limit your plan's fiduciary liability.